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MC is a rap slang that is commonly used in hip-hop to explain ‘who’ or ‘why’ something (such as a certain lyric or the title of your track) is or is not true.

What’s the difference between MC and MC-ing?
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MC is a term used to describe someone who does not ‘fake it.’ In other words, they don’t take one line of music and take a whole verse and make it into a song. In rap, MC is slang for ‘fake.’ MC could also refer to people who try to sound like an MC, but use their real name (i.e. J.Lo).

The difference between MC and MC-ing?

There is not a one-to-one or exact definition of MC or MC-ing, but these two terms are used interchangeably to describe the act of pretending to be a rapper.

Is MC and MC-ing as common as MC and MC-ing?

MC was originally a slang word for someone who did not rap—or was ‘fake’ as they use the term—and MC-ing arose later as a word to describe someone who attempted to mimic a rapper or rapper’s sound without giving it too much effort.

Is MC and MC-ing as common as MC and MC-ing?

With the increased popularity of MC’s in hip-hop, some people are confused about exactly how to do an ‘MC-ing’ and get into the head of a famous rapper (or rapper’s manager, producer, stylist). When you are MCing, you are taking on the persona of a prominent rapper. To do this, it is important to know one thing: to mimic a rapper’s style is not the same as being a rapper yourself.

There are three main types of rappers:

1. Rapper who mimics his style

This is probably the easiest type of rapper to imitate and the least popular. In fact, being a rapper yourself is the easiest and is usually the most popular way to get into the head of rappers. The next level requires that you are aware of what to expect from an MC. Rapping a rapper’s style is basically the ability to copy a style from said rapper, which should allow you to be into the style of the actual rapper.

2. Rappers who mimic their style

Rappers who are already established musicians can be called ‘Mimickers’ or ‘Movers

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