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I was 16 when I started. I’m 34 now, because I’m in a really old-school way with it. We’re in a big state, Mississippi, a very conservative state and the last record I did was in high school and I’m a really good rapper. When I got out of high school I just started hanging out with the same people. We’re doing very well.

How do you plan on using this platform to support your music career?

There may be some projects I might have no idea about but I’m thinking about that. The first thing I am doing, which is my second album, is writing my own shit. I’m going to try to make music and it won’t be like the music I’ve done with Eminem, but I’m going to take myself to another place where I might not look like a kid in the middle of the night singing rap lyrics. Right now I’m not even doing that. I’m trying to make something other than Rap-A-Lot that people might think is like that.
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Are you worried about getting into the business and getting involved with “muh big deals”?

Not really. No, not at all. I’m just kind of doing what I can for the first time. There’s a lot of big things going on in rap, which is why I make music. There are a lot of people that make it a big thing, but I’m not scared to make it a little something else.

Do you have any plans on getting an EMI record deal, specifically?

I don’t know yet. I’m just hoping that this shit works its way in and my records are on here. I’ve really been trying to stay out of it a little bit. I’m really going out there to try and do all the stuff the way that I’ve always done it, and then I’m going to go back to it every now and then and just see if I can do anything differently.

What’s your opinion on Eminem’s new album?

I feel like it’s good. It’s kind of interesting. It’s something different and fresh, really. I don’t really listen to him too regularly nowadays so I’m trying to figure out what I’m listening to and whether I should listen to him or not.

How did it feel hearing your album being compared to Eminem’s now?

It was kind of weird. I think it was kind of confusing. I thought it

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