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I’ve got these two that do just that, Wolf!

Is she an angry, aggressive person?

Not usually, no, she’s probably a really sweet, pretty, nice person; she just never says anything.
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I always think it’s so strange to hear the word “loser” and see her walk around with a big smile on her face, thinking she won this game.

I’m not a very good judge of character…

What does the world look like to you when you play for Team Alpha Male?

I’m in a world that’s about to change to the new World of Warcraft, and I’ve got this guy named Nefarian who is a massive, beautiful, powerful mage, who’s been fighting monsters for hundreds of years, and who now has a team of really sweet, caring mages, who have really kind of turned on him. They’re killing him for no reason. He’s just a weak guy in a world that’s out to get him. These are his people. They’re his people and the world is in this incredible war between these powerful forces of magic that are trying to make the world a better place.

Why a dragon?

Because it’s the coolest thing!

Why are all these people going to see them as god-tier, when they’re not?

I think it’s a combination of a lot of different factors. It kind of has to do with how the game design is set up. I think that they’re in a place of power. The game design basically is built around how powerful they are; how good they are at fighting. So there’s all of this power that’s built into them in a pretty short space of time, and that makes them very, very real to the players. When they die they are basically destroyed, and then everything is in their place, and they die again and everything is over. The players are pretty strong and they are on the path, because they are strong and they exist in a very powerful place. And then all the characters, the dragons are actually so powerful and they’re able to take on a whole bunch of other people in a fight.

How big of a problem was World of Warcraft getting turned into a different game, what do you think happened?

How much?

Not much and not bad.

How does it differ from World of Warcraft?

It’s actually very similar and yet different. And that

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