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I think this is the best question ever! The short answer is that I wanted to do a simple and elegant looking Yoda, just after making Star Wars for the first time. However, the main reason why Yoda is the easiest character in Star Wars to draw is because his face is simple. Yoda’s skin color varies very much from green to blue to purple, the colors of his eyes can be as deep or light as you want them to be, and the lines between his skin and clothing are very easy to draw. It took a while to figure out how to make the face and clothes look like Yoda’s, but the end effect looked great.

Yoda’s face and clothes are drawn in a cartoonish fashion. When Yoda goes through transformation, his skin appears a little bit like lightning bolts!

When Yoda goes through transformation, his skin appears a little bit like lightning bolts!

The most difficult part of Yoda is the hands (yes, that is an important part). Even though they were originally supposed to be a solid piece of art, the result is very complicated, almost a caricature. The hands are done very differently from each other, I used different colors to make them look different. Also, the hands have more lines than the body. Each one is a single line to fit the body, however, the two sets of hands do not match. Since the hands look different and look different to my eye, I tried drawing them without coloring them. At the end of the drawing, I wanted to have Yoda’s palms as a natural part of the frame. This is done with white lines and a yellow border, but it was not easy. As I did not try to make any changes from the final look, I guess I ended up with the easiest drawing in the series.

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