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It’s hard to imagine them pulling into a driveway here in Westchester. But this one can’t be mistaken for anything other than a 1970s-vintage, two-door pickup.

“There’s a certain vibe, a bit of nostalgia, to this car,” said David Auerbach, who owned the car when it was new. “And you notice it in the driveway. It’s kind of quiet, and that’s the whole appeal of it.”

It hasn’t held up well over the years, but it holds up well for some reason, since it’s been left at a storage facility for more than a decade. “If it had not been parked here, it’d just be gone,” said Auerbach.

Here’s a closeup of that truck, courtesy of David Auerbach:

This was one of three pickups made, so to speak, from the same base. These are the oldest two from the 1970s, and the third is newer.

And here’s the interior:

One of the three, right here. It’s a 1970s-vintage, two-door sedan.

This is my first attempt at a fanfiction. I am not a very talented or motivated writer, and I hope to continue improving as a fanfiction reader while I am at it. I hope you have some fun reading this. I appreciate any feedback!

The day was finally here, the cold finally going away and everything back to normal. I sat on the couch, I looked at my phone and decided to change rooms because I wanted out of the chilly feeling in my heart.

“What’s up?” Ruby asked me just as I was about to get off the couch again.

“Nothing much,” I sighed, I wanted to leave but I did not want to go without breakfast.

“Why are you so depressed? You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met.” Ruby started to look at me with a hopeful expression.
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“I’m not depressed.” I said as I took out a box of cereal from my pocket. “It’s just that I’ve had such a rough couple of days. I’ve seen a lot of things. And now I have to go to work.”

“Why are you so depressed?” Ruby asked.

I shook my head slowly, almost in a whimper, “I don’t know…” I said before I had some trouble keeping my emotions down. I sighed

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