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How does that giraffe look?”

The giraffe drew a little like a human. The only problem with that drawing was that it went nowhere. The giraffe never left its starting point, there were no other options but to repeat the process until the giraffe got close enough to leave the starting point but still not go over to the left or to the right too fast.

A different human could do it all by the time the giraffe reached the starting point. This person would be a little faster at drawing an object. That is, a faster drawing could see that the giraffe would reach the starting point so fast that it might not need to go at all.
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The next stage was to get the giraffe to the center of the paper. You can do this by just drawing a circle over the starting point. It might look more complicated than drawing a circle, but you can get the goal by using only circles.

The second drawing that you can do this with is a circle drawn over all your starting points. This drawing was the easiest to do and the fastest.

As mentioned before, drawing an object by following the lines is how you draw the object the fastest. But when drawing by using circles, the line can be curved or anything else you want to see. You can do a line drawing curve by drawing the line parallel to a circle and then drawing a curve in the same direction, using circles (also known as a line).

One final bit of information for the beginner: The center of the circle you draw should be the center of the object you are trying to draw. That is, when drawing a circle you have to start at the center and draw circles from there. If you are going to draw two circles and draw lines through them, you have to draw them with the same curve.

Also if you draw a circle with one line, make sure that the other lines go through the center of the circle. That is so the line drawing algorithm will go through every point of the circle and keep going until you reach the center of the circle. Also it is best to use only three lines, two lines with a sharp angle of 90 degrees and two lines with a shallow angle of 45 degrees to the other lines. The first line should only go the shortest distance possible for the curve. For example, if you draw a shallow angle of 45 degrees and then draw an inner angle of 60 degrees, it is only correct if the inner angle is exactly 45 degrees too.

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