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FHSA’s Financial Programs section provides information in a web-based format for public and private employers and is accessible through the web portal of the Treasury Department. DHHS provides financial information to qualified small businesses through a federal Small Business Administration contract (FP-10). This Federal Small Business Administration contract requires that participants in this contract agree to provide certain financial information to the Treasury Department, including information on federal and State taxes, payments made through payroll deductions, and employee retirement benefits (for employees who choose to participate).

How much information should be submitted to DHHS?

DHHS may require that employers submit certain financial reporting information for each eligible employee. There is no limit to the types or amounts of information that may be requested. The rules under which individuals and employers may request information from DHHS are in Publication 15.

When will it be processed?

When the information is received as determined to be necessary for the administration of this section.

It’s been less than a week since the Boston Marathon bombing in this country and it’s already a day that will be remembered for the horror, the heroism, the terror and the horror over and over again.

We can learn so much from the Boston and New York bombings. All of the people that were killed are memorialized in memorials and memorial acts. We have a need to acknowledge what happened and we need to know the right people and the right places to go for this type of commemoration.

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1. The Boston Freedom Memorial

It was the largest event of the marathon, a gathering that many Americans were going to see or hear about. It took place on April 15 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Boston, which took over 100,000 people. It is one of the only memorials of its kind in NYC, and has now become just as much of a staple as the other memorials that have taken place in the city. This memorial was dedicated on April 17, 2013, with a memorial service in Boston for the victims and survivors, followed by a gathering at the memorial on April 17th. On Tuesday, the 14th day of the marathon, this memorial was a place of gathering and learning for families of the victims and survivors. A memorial service was held as well on April 10th.

2. Arlington National Cemetery

This memorial was established near the spot of the bombing, and includes one of the greatest known

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