Do I qualify for financial assistance? – Free Grant Applications

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Your application will be accepted only if you have income (from your parents’ household for example) to cover your costs, and this can be verified by one of our programs, or from your own financial statement.

If you qualify the assistance is usually offered in the form of a monthly or an annual allowance, but the type is determined by program to be most appropriate for you.

Does this service come to me?

There are four programs that receive information directly from YouMail. If you are a parent and are not an applicant, your request will be directed to the National Financial Aid office. For assistance to work parents you can apply in person to the National Financial Aid office.

Do I qualify for a financial assistance grant?

If you are working and are eligible for financial assistance, there are several different types of grants for families in the UK:

Child benefit: £400 per week, up to £18,000

You can get the cash payments only if you have children under the age of 19, but any payments paid are also tax free.

Your child benefit is paid to you as soon as you reach 24 weeks of pregnancy or birth. You do not pay taxes on this child benefit.

Some working parents are also allowed to apply for employment and support allowance, which also goes straight to your pay packet at £1,500 each.

You must provide evidence that you are able to work at all! In addition to evidence that you can work, if your child is under 19 this can be certified by one of those programs that offers assistance.

The employment and support allowance is not tax free with certain income limits.

You can apply for a child support grant if your children would not be entitled to it otherwise.

You can also apply for Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance, if you think your job offers are less than what is available in other parts of the UK. For example a job in London will pay a lower rate than in the countryside.

Benefits for parents working or looking for work (usually under 21) will not be paid from your benefits.

How much do your benefits cover?

With a child benefit or work allowance your benefits will generally cover less than the average hourly income of an adult with that job in London. If you are self employed and don’t receive any child benefit or a work allowance, your net income before taxes can be up to £5,400 per year.

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