Why is pole dancing attractive? – Sarah Jade Pole Dancer Pics

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(And why is it less physically attractive than the other dances?)

First of all… it’s just a lot of fun. And… it can get you noticed.

There is one major factor I personally don’t like, however. I don’t like how people are supposed to dance with one foot up. It forces some great dancers to be an awful lot taller than they should be or something. I know if I was a pole dancer myself, I would NEVER do that. It’s stupid!!! Now I know why… it’s just something that is difficult to understand for someone who hasn’t been in a pole dancing class.

I’ve always been kind of of into dancing in a different way. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever move to a new style of dance– I know it’s not for everyone but for me, I’ve definitely gotten comfortable with it.

For example, if I was dancing in a class where I didn’t have a partner… I’d get on my feet. I know it’s not the most graceful or most artistic, but I’m not going anywhere with my feet. In addition… when I’m at a pole dance class and there are two or three people in the world who are also in the class, my feet, hands, and body are all in perfect alignment. This is something a lot of women can’t do at their own pace… it would take so long for me to be able to do that. That said, I love dancing to “the music.” In the same way I LOVE singing and dancing in a group– it’s just a more natural and comfortable way to move. This really makes people in the class feel like equals– to be seen and feel part of something. It is, of course, not something I can actually do… it takes a lot of practice and discipline. This is why I think people who have never been pole dancing before are more comfortable in class so long as they know how to keep their feet moving properly and don’t let anyone else know unless they feel the need to.

So… do you think pole dancing is more physically attractive than other types of dancing?

I would say it might be a mix of attributes. I am a bit of a physical freak. In my experience, I think the physical attributes tend to attract a bit of a different type of person than just the overall physical appeal of the dance. For example, I have had some interesting conversations with girls who I met at pole dancing competitions who are

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