Why is pole dancing attractive? – Pole Dancing Pictures

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Well, in terms of physical appearance and the ability to express yourself, there are obvious differences. If you’re a guy, you can definitely look very good, but that’s the case with females. I don’t need to explain why a couple of women can look quite good while one of them is struggling to put on a dress or two. A guy can’t make himself look better.
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Now for the fun parts. Women will come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities (read white trash) – and that can make life challenging. For instance, one girl told me, “My friends are pretty ugly. They think they are pretty. I’m tall” – a tall woman with a slender figure. Of her friends, I asked for her height so that I could see how tall she was, when she got back from our dance class. She was 5’7″ tall and could be mistaken for a short man at times.

On the contrary, the shortest woman that I saw was a size 32. She was not quite skinny, but she was not super thin either. She was a size 10, which is normal for a woman of her size. It was obvious that her muscles had been put to good use, because her breasts were fairly prominent above the waist. Her legs were thin, but not skinny as the previous woman with muscles. In addition to this, her figure was quite attractive on the inside, with a tight ass and a small bottom and small waist. It seemed that she was quite well endowed.

When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she smiled and smiled and smiled, “An athlete” because she had a very nice body. When I asked her what her ambition would be later in life, she replied, “A dancer.” That’s it, that’s all she had to say. A dancer, indeed. And it was a beautiful answer, I thought, it was a woman’s game.

Of course, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to dance to your heart’s content. There have been many stories about ordinary women who danced their way into the club, where their body would be recognized by one of the dancers. After a while, she’d be dancing for you as well. It was like the game of Russian Roulette. This girl was quite skilled at dancing though. Of course, there was a catch. Her performance was not great – she needed to be a little more beautiful than she was. There were no other dancers

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