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Because their heels work better than their legs!

The “Frozen” character Anna was inspired by singer Nina Simone and musician Ray Charles.

A new ad for Disney’s “Frozen” features a girl with short blonde hair, blue hair and a blue vest and outfit.

Disney has released a brief image of an unknown child with short blonde hair, blue long hair and a blue vest and tie.

The ad from Disney shows the girl in a dress with a pink star design on the chest and a purple star design on the sleeves and pants. The girl’s hair is long in the top half of her face, then tapers to a braided ponytail down her back. She wears a blue vest with a blue crown.

The ad makes reference to Nina Simone and Ray Charles, who were both women of color who were also singers and songwriters, respectively. Both artists were outspoken and influential women of color.

Ralph Bunche, the creative director on the ad, told BuzzFeed that it was inspired by Nina Simone.

As for what the girl might sing in the song, the Disney rep did not answer because they had no comment.

However, in an interview with BuzzFeed’s Laura Hudson and Gizmodo’s Gizmodo’s Christina Simons just before the release of the ad, Bunche said that he decided the ad would focus more on the character rather than the singer for the spot.

Disney hasn’t said what the future of her character will be. However, the short blonde hair is a clear reference to the actress’ short blonde hair in her own film, “Shake It Off.”

In “Shake It Off,” she’s portrayed by Tilda Swinton.


The Game

At the beginning of this campaign, we will be releasing the game:

a 6-sided dice game,

a 10-sided die game,

a 15-sided die game,

a 20-sided die game, and

a 40-sided die game.

The rules of the game will be posted on the official website.

In the game, a group of strangers play a race to the bottom.

Each player has a chance to win the game.

As players race through their city they take different routes:

To save the city from another storm, you need to get from point A to point B in a city with no one around.

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