Why do pole dancers wear heels? – Pole Dance Classes

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The heel of a dancer’s shoe is designed to be more like a running shoe than a ballet shoe. A running shoe with a heel can help to distribute the stress on one leg over the other leg. The heel of a ballet shoe, on the other hand, tends to accentuate the stress on one leg and cause the whole ballet shoe to slide.

Why are pole dancers allowed to have a pair of shoes that fit their heels?

As mentioned above, ballet shoes tend to be much wider than running shoes, making them much less comfortable for dancers with higher heels.

On the other hand, ballet dancing shoes are also designed to be tight, which makes dancing with a pair comfortable.

So, a dancer with a shoe made for dancing with their heels might have to adjust their dancing style, which may be very uncomfortable for them, so they may want to try a pair of ballet shoes with thinner soles that they can wear as ballet flats.

Pole dancers can have a pair of ballet shoes made especially for them that have tight soles like high-heels. These shoes may allow them to wear a less comfortable pair of ballet shoes.

Why are pole dancers allowed to be in high heels if they choose to wear ballet flats?

They can be in them, because the ballet flat is actually part of the regular ballet shoes. But, most pole dancers will wear a ballet flats with a wide-set heel (or a ballet shoe with a wider sole).

And the high heels will help to cushion some of the impact (or impact-based leg training), especially if they were wearing heels or flats.

Why do dancers have to use their toes to balance?

There is a certain distance that the front toe needs to be in front of the heel in a ballet shoe, so in some cases a dancer might have to use their toes to balance.

In most cases, this distance is fairly small, so most dancers don’t need a special toe balancing shoe. But, in some cases a dancer might need to use a different toe balancing shoe because the front toe needs to be in front of the back toe in a ballet shoe.

In these situations, there are two ways that dancers can balance.

One is the traditional toe balancing method – where a ballet dancer uses feet to balance their toes; the other, is to use a foot balancing system, where a dancer uses a leg balancing board in their hands.

Why do dancers

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