Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Pole Dance Classes San Antonio Tx

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You are talking about me! And yes, this makes many of you cry… I still cannot believe this and I still have not figured out the answer. If there had been an open call for the top 10 pole dancers and I was the only one that qualified — you would have thought I won the gold in this competition!”

It wasn’t until he was a few months into his second season with the LFC and working with another top-notch coach, Mike Ainsworth, that he was able to finally figure out why his best dance was always lost in his mouth.

“Ainsworth always pushed me to train harder when I was younger and I would not do anything else than that,” Pavey remembers. “I was always a kid that just wanted to be the best and be out there being in the gym and working hard. I was definitely trying to do everything I could to be just as good as I wanted to be.”

But that changed in 2010 during his second season with Ainsworth and with Alexei Liao, another elite pole dancer. Ainsworth asked Pavey to train more aggressively and Pavey’s best dance became his most famous performance, “My Way,” one of the most well-known routines in the history of pole dancing.

Pavey describes a “very intense and intense” second season. And once his career was in full swing his passion for dancing became even greater.

“I started dancing more than ever,” Pavey continues. “I just became obsessed. I had more practice than ever to do it. And then I started dancing more and more, a lot more. I was doing one routine over and over, I had two or three different routines done to each dancer’s rhythm or technique.”

Now Pavey spends his life trying to learn all he can about pole, his passions and his dance, not only the routines he is doing, but also what makes them so special.

In his opinion, something must be taught to make them special — something a dancer can learn through years of practice.

“I think the most important thing you can do is just to spend years with a dancer on any subject — whether it be rhythm, or dance, or technique or athleticism. Get to know the dancer and the style of the dance even more, how the body moves or doesn’t move, how the weight affects the body, how the technique affects the dance,” he says.


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