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It is not clear what pole dance originated from. Several early accounts suggest that pole dancing descended from Native American tribes who would play with sticks around campfire. By contrast, in an account by the 19th-century European missionary, William Clark (1813-1882), pole dancing originated when French priests performed dances to the music of the French gipsy church.

Who were the poles of pole dance?

Many different types of pole dancers emerged from the cultures of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and Europe.

Some were African in their appearance, while others came from European populations. The latter came from the Balkans and Central Asia.

Do pole dances have the same origin?

Not really; they have some differences, including the shapes and locations of their poles (“flats”).

The origins of many dances date from various historical moments during the human population history.

Dances originated not only from the specific culture in which they were performed but also from different cultural and religious backgrounds of people performing them.

Why are there many different types?

Plates were a common form of pole with several different kinds. Some were flat and others were flabby. Others were long and others short. Some were made of wood and others of animal skin. Some used a drum and others of a string. Some had metal ends on their strings and some had leather. Others used a pole and others used a pole and string. Some had a pole and others were free. Some were used for entertainment and others were used for political purposes. Some had no pole at all.

Which pole dance is best?

Although both dance forms were used by the same culture, they could also be played by different cultures. They each can have their place or place on one specific pole to create a unique dance.

Which types of women are great pole dancers?

Many women who were of African and European descent can achieve pole dance success.

Dance moves in women, such as the ones that are the most important in pole dance for their performance, are more than enough to allow these women to reach pole dance heights.

In some forms, pole dancers can achieve pole dance success by themselves but they can also use groups or other performers to create the most effective performance.

The dances of African American women that were created by African American women are particularly effective.

Dance moves in men usually can not be used by a person of African origin, as there

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