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It’s when you’re doing a series of moves that requires you to sit on your ass in a straight up, bent-over position while holding a pole. I could write many, many different posts on how to do it right, how to do it wrong, where to train from, etc, but I’ve already done my homework and put together a great article on how to do it right with a great video! So with all that out of the way, here’s a detailed look at what to do on pole. You can check my pole dance blog as well for a full rundown of pole movements.
So get on the pole! Do some push-ups. Push-up! Push-up!
You can find the video at the end of this post, and it contains 3 different moves from the list below. So if you want to move from one exercise to the next in that series, here’s where to go:
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1.  Knee and leg raise .  I usually start off with the knee raise and progress. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get a good start while doing the knee raise because you just have to stay in the hips, but sometimes I’m quite successful with that. I’m not very specific in the movements and start off as low as you can go.
2. Inverted Lateral raise with side-to-side motion . The side-to-side motion allows you to get higher to get the same feel you’d get from doing an incline push-up, but you don’t have to keep pushing your weight toward the ceiling or push down to your elbows to get the same feel. I recommend starting on the lowest level and working the level up. Keep in mind that the amount you go up will depend on how much you want to stretch and if you’re using more than one rep for each. So if you want to go from knee-up on the lowest level to knee-up on the 1st level, move by 1 rep.

3. Hip extension. The hip extension is pretty similar, but you’ll need to practice for a while. I like to start off by holding the pole with my upper back and lower back, and then do a few hip thrusts to start the movement. Don’t do too many because if you get too much momentum or if you drop your hips you can end up on your back when you get to the 3rd to the 5th sets. If you’re able to do 3 or 4 sets of hip thrusts,

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