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Pole exercise helps to relieve muscle tension by increasing muscle activation and helping to keep it from loosening during and even following training.

Why is it called “pole” exercise?

Pole exercises like push-ups are a lot like walking, so they are sometimes called “pole”, although you don’t see it that way. The term “pin” is used by the Greeks (who were in fact the first to propose it) to mean a small wooden pole with ends at each end.

This is because all forms of exercise involve moving a large amount of mass over small areas. The reason why some people say “pole” seems to be that they have a small chest without a lot of chest muscles.

I do no such thing. I have no “body parts” with which to work muscles. What I do is that I push against a few big things with one arm – or, in a pinch, one foot – in order to make a small little circle.

So, for example, if I don’t know what a push-up is, that’s okay. This is called “pinching”.

In the US we call it “pounding”.
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I am certainly not a man lacking in chest muscles. So, it is not that hard for me to do a couple or three of these.

And if I can’t do a couple or three of these without hurting my back (because it is not part of my “main” muscles) then it is okay that I should still start my day off with some kind of exercise. That is called “cardio”.

Why do certain exercises work better than others?

All of my exercises are not just about increasing size or strength, but about building up my endurance. I want to be very lean and fit – not bulky and heavy.

If I was starting today, with no experience, I would need to:

work hard on my upper-body workouts

work more on my legs, especially my quadriceps

work more on both my hips and lower back

work on my ankles and core on a regular basis (to avoid overworking them)

get up from the couch for two hours and exercise every day – even if just for a couple of minutes or less

So, each of these exercises should be worked during the same time every day.

It takes at least four hours of a working day to do them all, and

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