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If you say “pole dancing” I think we all probably assume pole dancing is just ballet or maybe some kind of circus thing. Then we might think about how different it is from other kinds of dance, and how exotic it is, but that’s all just speculation. Pole dancing is anything that involves an object or dance routine that gets the body moving in unpredictable and fascinating ways. The first thing we’ve come up with is that it can be called a combination of ballet and pendulum-like activities, i.e., the kind of dance performed in gymnastic classes and when people learn to do something with their hands. Because it is such a variety of physical movements, it tends to focus on different body parts more often than just on the hips or butt.

Why does it seem like it is so exotic?

Although it is not something to be shy about with, pole dancing is more intimidating than most ballet, because it has quite a few moves, all done in one place. Also, being able to do it at all means you can get some pretty spectacular aerial moves that can be done with a pole.

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One of the reasons that pole dancing tends to emphasize hip movements is that is most often done with pole dancers using poles as platforms with their feet on them. This means that if you fall, it will just bounce back to you. It looks cool, but most dancers think it’s very dangerous. Also, it has many more moves than ballet, so it’s fun for some while it lasts, but after some time you’re just going to wear out. Also, it involves body parts differently than ballet, and thus it tends to have a different choreography than ballet does. It requires coordination and is a high physical activity for some people to perform on their own. Finally, it allows a larger audience to get a look and feel for the entire body movement for free.

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