What exercises help with pole dancing?

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Well I would say the most important one is simply to relax. I love that the most recent research suggests that relaxation is one of the most important things to do in getting started in pole dancing, which is why I suggest that when you first learn to do the routine they always give you a stretch in the hip flexors so you can do a lot more things and then when you make adjustments it feels really natural to you. Then the second thing is that if you’re feeling nervous you do a lot of stretching and I always say stretching is as important as practicing pole dancing. If it’s stretching you’re doing it wrong, if you’re practicing dancing you’re doing it wrong.

What’s the best way to make your own pole dancing video?

I’ve got a youtube channel that I run called Pole-Podcast and that’s basically just for my own videos. It has lots of clips of me doing the routine and I’m always trying to add stuff to it and then I put other people in. I think the best way to learn is watching other people in my videos but that’s a bit too easy a method for me because you’re already doing the same thing but by watching each other you learn all kinds of different things that you wouldn’t know otherwise. This is kind of one of my favorite things to do. It’s great to just watch people.

Why do you hate the video game “The Sims”?

It’s such a terrible game to start pole dancing from. There’s so much repetition that you can barely get any rhythm out of it. When you start you have a long way to go to really learn to dance and you need the experience of just practicing every day to make your first step on the mat. It’s a really bad game if someone comes to it with the intention of learning dancing.

Do you have a favorite pole dance routine?

Well they’re all really good routines because the whole thing of getting up and dancing is fun and you just learn a bit of everything and you get the same reaction from your partner and all that. They are all really good routines and I’m not sure how everyone else feels about them but the one with the most dancing is by far my personal favorite and I’d love to see if you can dance along.

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