What exercises help with pole dancing? – Pole Dancing For Beginners

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Practice is the key. Try to keep it quick and simple. I don’t like to do more than three, four basic exercises a week. Some instructors prefer multiple. But make sure you keep your focus on your technique. There are lots of great pole dancing videos out there and some of our students have mastered some basic skills. The key, though, is to keep training as much as you can without having to be focused on it (this is one reason why it’s nice to get a group together for a class).

Do you have any pointers for pole dancers who want to jump out from behind the pole?

A perfect example of this would be the great pole dancing videos that the Ballet Alliance gives out at its schools. Many dancers start with a simple move for their first pole dance. This allows you to be a little more innovative. You can also create a rhythm that matches your own.

What does the future hold for pole dancing at your school?

Pole dancing is one of my favorite sports! Pole dancing is getting more people into it and I’m encouraged. But I want to get further before the dance becomes mainstream. It’s really an exciting time for pole dancing and we need more students, teachers, and instructors.

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Image copyright AFP Image caption The car bomb injured several people and injured at least 150 on Wednesday

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