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I’m not sure, but it definitely makes you a happier woman. And, the more you do, the more you become a better dancer.
The bottom line is that you’re a better dancer and a better dancer is better for you – if you don’t mind spending an entire weekend spinning all over the place.
The first few days I danced in LA (and the UK) I found the place to be quite cold (although this was in a hotel) so I ended up having a hard time. I was definitely in need of warming up, especially since I was doing pole. But, it turns out that my body is pretty well adapted to the cold. I did some cold stretches, and it took some time for me to get used to the cold.
After a few months of getting accustomed, I was more than happy to take the plunge and perform when we were invited to the annual LA YMCAs! A few months after the show, I was invited to participate in the NYC show, which is the largest event of its kind outside of dance competitions at the time.
Here’s how it went.
are some great photos from the NYC show!
And also – a brief video – from the NYC show.
We had this incredible group of cast/crew members that helped me along with my pole training. 
We rehearsed a lot, and the first session was a bit strange to me. I really wanted to dance around but had trouble finding an appropriate position for pole, or getting myself into the right position. 
This was a good thing, because the next session was a lot more comfortable for me, and I was able to find all the appropriate pole positions.
When we started filming, I began to realize that I did not have any idea what the choreography was for, and what choreographer I was supposed to be working with. 
I got to the point where my partner was dancing a whole bunch of stuff for me and I was totally unaware of the choreography. But, this is what it looked like in a video:
And here’s what it looked like when a dance was actually choreographed. I learned a number of things.
First, the choreographer makes the decisions and doesn’t ask anyone else to do it. 
Second, there is only one right way to dance. 
And third, if you get too stuck in a position, you can always stop. 
Here’s a video where I was doing a whole bunch of stuff

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