What do pole dancers do? – Pole Dancers America’s Got Talent

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Pole dancers are performing in a series of routines based on the movement of a pole and the way that a foot interacts with the structure of the pole and supports the body.

Pole dancers also perform gymnastics and other forms of body dance, such as juggling, pole toasts and spinning circles, all to enhance their performance.

Pole dancing has been popular for many years, and has become so popular that its members have many names in the dance world, including:

Yoshi Yagyu (Warm and Tender)

Mizu Koryo (Warm and Sexy)

Koshinsha (Creamy and Light)

Yokusan (Miserable and Sluggish)

Yakushinkai (Light and Light-hearted)

Yurisugoshi (Fiery and Tender)

Yoshiyo (Light and Pure)

Kagamigami (Light and Loving)

Taira (Light and Soft)

Yakushimasu (Light and Pure).

Where do they learn?

All pole dancers will receive basic education in the traditional ways as well as in the latest technologies, so they don’t always have to travel. While training and taking classes in the traditional way usually takes place in an amateur setting, professional courses are available for those who have been dancing for a considerable time. Some of the traditional and contemporary forms to learn in, and to take home with them, are shown in these videos:

Learn the traditional way with these tips from a pole dancer!

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