Is there a weight limit for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing For Beginners

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No, but we have heard many stories of people who have died when they tried to climb the pole, or had an accident while doing so.

My son has always loved to dance and now he’s starting pole dancing in high school. Do I need to get a dance license? Also from a pole dancer’s perspective, is pole dancing safe?

There are no current requirements for a pole dancer to get a dance license. However, it is very important to remember that pole dancing can be dangerous! That’s why pole dancing can be considered, at worst, a hobby. Even if you take the time to learn the steps and are careful and know what you’re doing, you may still get injured. Keep in mind that it is not impossible to injure yourself, and if you have kids, they should absolutely know how to do all the steps before going out. Never dance naked, and always wear appropriate clothes. We would never recommend pole dancing to minors.

I wanted to get started pole dancing. Is it safe?

If you really want to take up pole dancing the hard way, you should find out the steps, practice with friends, and take classes with instructors. This will definitely help you learn many, many important moves. You could find someone who has been and trained you who will be very knowledgeable and helpful, and then you can start to feel confident about how fast you can move, and how strong you can be. Many people have told us that they can get to the top by the time they’re 15, and the pole may not be even as scary as they first thought. But you’ll also need to practice a lot, as there are tons of really dangerous moves that you can’t do without.

Do you recommend pole dancing to students?

We really do not recommend pole Dancing to students unless you have already started at least once, by taking dance classes with people that are experienced at pole dancing and also know you very well when you first meet, and they have confidence in you. We recommend taking classes with someone who you know has danced before you, as you will have better coordination and the experience of knowing how to move without being “crushed” by people trying to teach you moves.

I heard that you can do the moves without getting hurt. What do I do?

There are so many ways to fall, that you can get hurt in so many ways! Don’t let people who aren’t professional teach you how to fall. Also try to learn

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