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There are many ways to earn money in Kuching. The main activity here is to earn money in the barter market. This works similar to the way in the cities of the rest of the Philippines. Kuching’s barter system is much stronger than that in the rest a the Philippines. However, when it comes to being able to pay the bills and survive, bartering can still be a huge help.
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The first things one needs to know when bartering are its basics. You need to understand how money works in Kuching.

Money is different in Kuching

There are two ways people can get money in Kuching:

1. Buying it for cash and not spending it yourself.

2. Buying and selling goods from other people.

1. Buying it for cash

One must know that many people just buy it with cash. This is how one gets most of the money from a barter or buying transaction.

How much can a barter transaction get you?

The amount of money that can be exchanged per barter transaction is different in Kuching. The total amount of money that is exchanged varies with the amount of business. In general, there is a limit to how much money a barter transaction can get one person. If you make more than this limit and do not pay the money in. You lose the business. So the limit depends on how much you can trade.

Barter rates

Barter prices in Kuching are pretty low. The average barter price in Kuching is 1.2 baht.

How many baht you can trade for the following goods with bartering

1. 1kg of rice

2. 25pons

3. 500g of coffee

4. 120kg of sugar

5. 500g of fruit

6. 1000pons

Barter prices

For each of these goods, the barter price is equal to 1/2 baht. This means that with Bartering 1lb rice for 1 baht, you are only paying 1/2 baht for rice. The more goods you have in exchange, the more value you are gaining from exchanging.

If you want to trade between 1.2 and 1.5 baht, you get 1/2 baht for rice and 1 baht for 1

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