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The next few weeks will be interesting to see when and if the Raiders select a defensive lineman in the 2017 NFL Draft. It seems like the Raiders have talked about drafting two defensive ends in the draft. A defensive lineman is definitely not a slam dunk and the Raiders could take some time to evaluate which player they are serious about drafting.

While some players have been discussed as defensive linemen during the NFL Combine, some of them are much better fits at defensive tackle.

At the same time, it is a possibility that they could draft a defensive tackle. The Oakland Raiders’ defensive line coach, Al Woods, said during his press conference when asked if there are a few defensive linemen that would be good fits in Oakland it should be noted that some defensive tackles like Derek Barnett, Derek Rivers and Charles Tapper are already on the roster and are not looking to be moved down.

Here are the possible defensive linemen in the upcoming draft:

Zach Cunningham, Notre Dame, OLB, 6’4″ 220lbs

He is definitely the highest rated defender available in the 2017 NFL Draft. There are many other players who could be very good fits in Oakland:

Christian McCaffrey, Stanford, RB, 5’11” 207lbs

I’m not necessarily sold on McCaffrey but there is no question that he is a good fit for Derek Carr. Oakland likes to play a strong pass defense and McCaffrey could allow Carr to get to the top of the passing game much faster.

Dorian Thompson, Utah, DL, 6’3″ 303lbs

This player would definitely benefit from having an edge defender like Derek Carr. Thompson has great length and is very tough. I don’t know if this would be a slam dunk selection for them but they can definitely find other players they like very well in the Draft.

Dylan Fairey, LSU, OLB, 6’1″ 252lbs

Dylan was a standout tackle last year at LSU which is a reason why he is not ranked in the first tier of the defensive players available in the 2017 NFL Draft. Fairey has the length and length to play at linebacker in the NFL but his ideal fit would be linebacker. Having a pass rusher like Derek Carr will

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