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Yes. That’s one of the big threats. Pole-dancing can be dangerous. Some people die. Some people become injured. Some people can get their legs broken. But, you know, everyone who’s ever been on stage, at least the people that I do now, the people that have seen the danger, are still so happy.

Why do you think it’s so popular?

It’s because of the energy that it provides. It gives you such a feeling of freedom and happiness and love and fun. And, you know, you feel like you can be on your own level, and you don’t have to go to somebody. You don’t have to ask for permission from anyone. You can go with your heart and your brain and just go and dance. There was something for everybody, and it was so accessible and easy to jump in and do. There was the opportunity to just get the experience, and the opportunity to get to know the performers as people and let them know who they are and where they’re coming from. People were very enthusiastic about it.

And what if you were to catch them a few weeks ago?

I would have gotten in. But you know, if they’re not dancing it is not necessarily good for them.

How would you have reacted when the police tried to arrest your brother for not being able to take their kids to the park?

Well, you know, I think they were trying to do their job and they thought they were doing their job. I mean, if there’s nobody who can perform here, I would like to see them perform. But it would be better for the kids who are not having a good time or are feeling down or whatever. It just shouldn’t be that way, and I would really rather my brother go to a church that lets him do what he wants, than a school that tells him the only way he can have fun is to dance for a couple of hours and go home.

What has your experience been as a pole-dancer?

I think it’s been very positive. It’s been good. It brings people together, and it makes people happy and it brings the city together.

What would you say about people who want to do pole dancing?

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Well, this is for everybody. You know, nobody should do this for free. It’s better for everybody if you do this for free. And that’s all I’m saying.


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