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Is he a big guy?” They’re like, “Oh yeah, he’s pole dancing.” That’s how little they even know about the whole thing. It’s like, “Well, who cares?”

On what the show would have been like without his dad

I wouldn’t be able to do the show.

On her first dance as a dancer:

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[After dancing] I’m like, “I’m not dancing here. I have some serious issues.”

[As a friend tries to get her attention] “I’m not interested. I don’t have the heart to dance for you.” She literally turned around and ran off. I was like, “I don’t know what happened.”

On whether the show had any impact on her sexuality in a negative way

It has not really. My dad is not into the whole thing. People like my mom say that they used to talk with her about the show. She had been a fan, but it got to the point where she was like, “That’s just too much.”

She never talked about it once. But the one thing I did know was how much she wanted to see me do my thing. I’m pretty sure if she would have watched the show for the first time after he died, she would have loved it for the same reason that it got her to watch it [laughs].

On who, in her professional life, is the most supportive of LGBTQ people while being in her life

I can’t tell you one person because they can all be supportive of a child transitioning like that. You have to just go on your own individual journey, and I’m always supportive of everyone in my family, whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a friend.


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