Is pole dance a sport? – Basic Pole Dancing Moves For Beginners

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Do people ever go to the bathroom

while they pole dance?

If you ever get to a pole dance contest,

what do you do?

Do you keep dancing or come back for more?

Do you get beat for losing.

If you lose a pole dance contest,

do you win a pole dance show?

Do you lose a pole dance contest.

Are you allowed to do that and go home.

I guess I should be a professional pole dancer.

Then how will you know

what the judge says about you?

How do you know you are good?

Are you trained? Are you paid? What do you eat? Where do you train? Where do you park the car? How do you get there so I don’t have to?

All of these questions are valid. You can answer them.

That is not pole dancing.

That is what it says on the tag.

That is pole dancing on one hand.

And that is what you are doing.

I cannot think of any other sport that has that tag.

It is the one sport that should exist.

But no. You are a pole dancer

and you are allowed to do what you do.

I’m not allowed to do what I do.

I cannot go outside of what is acceptable

and I cannot go to the bathroom.

Who was the person who asked

what it was acceptable to do in a pole dance contest for kids?

Why did the person ask?

I know

what it is

because my mom told me.

I’m your daughter and I am

allowed to do whatever

I want

and that is just fine by me.

But if you want to do it right and then get married

that is when you go outside the ring.

I’m not your mom.

And if you want to go on your wedding

and marry a man who has beaten you
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and who beat you and beat you

and who has beaten you,

you can do that

when you go out on top

without a partner.

Just go out the dance.

That’s enough.

This is a contest to win.

You are just there to get paid,


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