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No, but there is evidence that it is less likely to offend a judge than the reverse, and could be considered a ‘natural’ reaction to the act and not the result of coercion, but the judge may object to you and ban you from all the bars and clubs.

Is lap dancing illegal?

Yes, but not everyone is aware of the laws and the effect on you. Many people don’t see the consequences of being caught with or exposing their breasts, or their genitals, even if you are in a dress or sexy heels, if you’re underage, or if you’re seen to be using an offensive phrase.

Do I have to ask permission?

There may be an offence with the word ‘permission’ and it is up to the judge to decide what the offence is and to what extent.

Do I have to be my brother’s partner?

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There may be an offence with the word ‘permission’ and if so it may be brought to court.

Will I get jail time for this?

Absolutely not! If you’ve paid for something, or taken a taxi to your destination, that act is not for sale to anyone but you and not someone else. In the Netherlands, public indecency is an offence and that includes people exposing their breasts and genitals. Therefore, it’s a very punishable offence if you don’t ask permission before taking advantage of the situation, which in many cases is the most likely case.

If you’re a professional dancer like a pole dancing teacher, then you have more discretion as to how you behave as your profession does require a certain form of discretion. The police may even take your statement if you take advantage of your position to look at someone’s breasts or genitals, or if you see someone in a certain dress or lingerie that you feel off the beaten track with, or you could even ask for a ‘permission slip’ from an escort before you get into a taxi with them, or when you use a bar or club toilet.

It seems that if you’re in an area where it’s not a private space, then your partner should probably be asked first or he or she won’t have any idea whether your boobs are visible or not. There’s usually only one man involved and they are all professionals so you don’t get to get away with it.

Can I take a swim naked?

If you’re a Dutch citizen, you need permission to take your swimming nude. If you

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