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If you were wondering how to get to and from a nightclub, this is an excellent place to find out. You enter by stepping into the bar area and exiting into a hallway that leads to the back patio and the bathrooms.

When you’re done watching the girls dance up close, check out our gallery of lap dancing photos to see some of the best lap-dancing pictures of 2012 .

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We also have an extremely popular video where we show you how to perform a “pinch”. You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel at

DATE: Jul 19, 2014 | BY: Rudie Obias | Category: Sci-Fi

“Cobra 7” and “Godsend 7”, the upcoming films from John Carpenter and his team of legendary artists, were originally meant to be only for the 1980s, but “Cobra 7” and “Godsend 7” were released in a more recent year than previously planned, creating controversy and rumors over what the film would contain. That’s why we were pretty surprised to see that the “Cobra 7” trailer was released a few weeks back, just to confirm to you (or to scare you) a sequel. Well, that was a mistake — it wasn’t really, despite all the rumors and chatter. According to the official Cobra 7 and Godsend 7 website, “Cobra 7” will return to theaters on May 29th, 2015, at the same theaters where “Godsend 7” was shot.

“We did a little homework in researching where the films were shot over the last twenty years, and have confirmed that the film will be shot in the same location as Godsend 7 and that John Carpenter is the one who is responsible for getting the film in theaters in the first place,” the website reveals. “It will also not have any of the scenes from the cancelled or canceled movie sequels.” This has apparently been an intentional choice by Cobra 7 and Godsend 7, and it’s nice to see that Carpenter isn’t putting any blame on the original film, either.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about “Cobra 7”, save the fact it stars John-Paul Tremblay, whose films include “The Raven” and “The Thing” and has recently worked with director James Wan on the monster hit “Sinister.” But Tremblay is just the start of what Carpenter and his team will attempt

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