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It is not. While there are many good courses of study that may serve to make you a better pole dancer, I find many courses that attempt to get you to see pole dancing in a simple, “get it done” way. However, a lot of the instructors that teach pole dancing (and I speak from experience here) are highly experienced and know their stuff. The reason that these instructors can teach people in a simple, “get it done” way, is because they know their stuff and use it to get you to feel like you have a lot of control over a complicated art, especially something that involves high-energy movements. But what you don’t realize until you start doing pole dancing is that you can make this movement, the physicality of your dance, much easier over time. Your own practice is important, and I find that as long as you’ve been paying attention you can work on getting “better” at pole dancing. When you pay attention you will also notice that you have to pay attention to your movements. Because your feet are moving you have to think about what you’re doing. If you are too focused on your arms, you won’t be able to focus on what you are doing.

If you are a beginner, then this post is for you! There seems to be something called “the beginner’s plateau”. You will not feel comfortable doing the moves that you want to do as a beginner, or maybe your technique will start to suffer. It will happen in two stages. The first stage is usually about two months after you have practiced (especially if you haven’t had any good practice), and the second stage happens roughly the time that you are about to get stronger and do the moves that you are comfortable with. I found that the first stage was easy; I didn’t try to train too hard or push myself too hard. I was content to let my body figure it out. Even when I didn’t feel that I was doing my best, I didn’t stop. I thought, “That’s fine! Let me get stronger by training harder.” Then, on a day or two before my first practice, I would practice it, and at first I didn’t feel too bad. I was just doing what I was comfortable with. Then, about a week or so into the second practice, I found that my feet hurt some, and I started to doubt that I was doing the moves I was confident in doing. I began to wonder why I was dancing at all. My body started to

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