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You know how many times you’ve practiced it? The more, the better. But you don’t need to be a super-hardcore pole dancer to do a lot of it. You need to work a little bit at it. You can do some of it once or twice a week, as long as it looks like you’re doing it, but try to do it at least three or four times a week. As long as you’re not a total flop, if you haven’t had any bad experiences and you’ve had some good lessons on how to do it, I think you can do it anywhere from three to four times per week. If you’re worried about getting your pole dancing skills back, just go see a pole teacher a few times a week. There’s no need to rush, but if you’re looking to make the leap to pole, then let your own skill come along and take over. I’ve been doing pole dancing for 20 years, and I never had any bad experiences.

3. How long should I practice? Your first attempt at pole is the hardest, and you want to learn as many moves that you can (although, of course, you can change the moves you want by picking and choosing). For beginners, five to seven hours is the minimum you want to put in, but for pole dancers who practice five to seven times a week, it can be three to four and a half to six hours.

The first few moves you do for your first time are probably the hardest to learn. You’re doing something that you’ve been doing, but now you’re practicing the things you can’t do in your own class. The way things will be for you depends on how long of a learning curve you want to get over. You can get through your whole class on second or fourth attempts before you stop, or you can learn things you can’t yet do, or you can learn everything you can right then and there. As a beginner, you’re going to want to make sure the first 30 or 45 seconds or so of your pole dance is something you do. This is a perfect time to practise your footwork and hand placement, to get your footwork and hand positioning into shape for when you’re doing moves like double step. Try to get in about five of these to keep up progress, and do as many reps as you feel comfortable with at the same time.

Once you feel like you have your footwork working, then start to practice more advanced moves. Once you

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