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In the US, you must be over the age of 13 to own a dance pole. In Canada, you must be over the age of 17 to own a dance pole. But in most other countries, they are considered a hobby and not considered a necessary piece of furniture.

Does dancing have rules?

We should probably note right off that dancers are not bound by any physical, religious, ethical, or legal restrictions and can practice and even perform any way they please.

There are no official dancing rules by any governing body and there are no federal or provincial laws restricting dancing activities. The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport is a good place to start. The most prevalent dance rules in Canada are:

A. No alcohol or drugs

B. No alcohol, tobacco, narcotics or other illegal substances for your own personal use

C. All participants must be at least 17

D. Everyone has the right to participate in as many styles of dancing as they want

E. No one is to be a victim or a victimizer of any kind, not even to yourself

F. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful activity freely and without fear of consequence and no one should be deprived of this natural experience

G. People of all ages are permitted to wear whatever clothing they like for the dancing

What makes a good dancer?

Dancers with all ages, abilities, and abilities are encouraged to dance. What defines you as a good dancer is that you have a natural gift.

It is up to you to define what this gift is. If you have the right energy and are ready for a journey, come together with friends and have fun!

I just got back from the last leg of my journey from Tokyo to Moscow and this is my post. It was such a special time.

One thing that I missed from my trip to Asia was the great shopping. There is so much more here than in Asia. There is a lot to do here but it is also good to be able to experience the country.

I had been to Russia for 3 long summers and I knew so little about it and people. It was amazing. We went to the Old City where they had so much to take pictures of but we took so much of so much that it took over our city.

After the Old city, it is a very urban area. The biggest shopping complex is called ‘The Palace Of Youth – The Square’ in which you will probably find

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