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What you need to pay: A dance pole: A swing dance pole is a pole attached to the floor which moves in a circular motion. It is not as big as a disco ball, but it’s more important than that.

The swing dance pole that I used to have on my wall. When I was 15 years old I was so young and foolish when I first used a swing dance pole, that I ended up smashing it down into the road and the street below. Then the pole fell apart in the middle of a street and people had to step over it because it was covered by a car. Then it was found by a young woman who decided that she needed a dance pole instead of a house or a garden, so she sold it to my mum – who had moved because she had lost her job as she couldn’t cope with my antics.

The pole I am using now, I got during the first year I had access to a dance teacher, and then I got it on my own. But the best place to get is on the dance floor at dance performances.

A drum-box: A drum-box sits inside a dance floor. The drum-boxes play instruments.

What you need to pay: A drum-box is a box on the dance floor by which the dancers play instruments. It may be an open-sided drum of the type used on a beach to accompany the music, or an instrument such as a flute, mandolin, guitar or voice bag. As you can see in the photos I have used one for years, but I am not sure there are good quality drum boxes anymore.

A small microphone: A microphone plugs into a wall, and it sends sound to the dance floor.

What you need to pay: The cheapest way is to get a free one from the dance director at the venue, which costs about £11 from many nightclubs. But you definitely have to pay about £10 for a proper one. You need to cover the cost of the microphones and get a good quality one. You can’t just buy a cheap little wooden microphone which will give you a bit of a bang – which has always been the problem with cheap dance mic stands. There are lots of dance sets that have mic stands at the entrance area but they are not high quality. When I started, I used a small metal drum mic stand to give me a good level of sound. But it was not good enough, and I needed to get a high-

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