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Learning to pole dance is not so different from learning to do any other musical instrument. You do not need to learn any specific skill on your first attempt if you don’t already know how to play a few tunes yourself. You need to work on this skill, but you don’t need to be a beginner. Here are the general approaches that beginners learn to perform their own dances:

Beginners Pole Dance Routine VERY SIMPLE (First Pole class ...
To dance the “pivot” a bit. The pivot is a basic “wiggle” you make when you twist your body forward and back at the same time. For most beginners, this means simply “sliding your body to and fro.” You may notice that some people begin by simply flipping their hips back and forth to the left and right. You can do that too, but most beginners like to have their center of gravity tilted toward left. They make their body the center, so a left-leaning body is called “right and left.” To do this, swing the pelvis in or out at the same time. It should feel like you are going straight ahead. Your feet should be at the same height off the ground. If your legs move forward or backward, it is a “wrong leg” and it’s not going to happen. If you have a tight hip flexor, it will usually just move forward. If your hips move back, it’s a “right hip flexor,” and it will work fine. If you have a “pivot” for the first time, this is a big deal, because in order to do a “pivot” you need to be able to “see” your body in a 360 degree manner, and the way you see yourself in dance is to go in one direction and then go in the opposite direction. This orientation is called “body map.” You don’t have to think about where in your body you are in the “picture,” but you have to mentally map out where your body is in relation to the dancers in the picture. When a dancer’s feet are facing you up to your chest and are pointing in a certain direction, they are “right.” To get the “right” dancer in the picture, do all of the same things that you would do your “wrong” dancers. To get a “left” dancer, go in that direction and then go back into the original direction. There aren’t many rules governing how to dance a pivot, so it is up to your skill and confidence to take advantage of these movements. You will notice that you don’t always

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