How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Beginner Pole Dancing Moves Swimmer

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I can’t. I do it with my hands.

You had a hand job?

No, no, no.

Did you know this was happening?
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Oh, no. I would have done anything for my kids, or my wife. I would have never done any of this if I didn’t want a good divorce. I want a good divorce because of it. I’m not happy. In a way, I am more sad than happy…not at the same time. I wish I saw the love that I have been shown, and the kindness that I have taken, and that I have been given in the past 20 years of marriage. And I feel that that’s not true all over again. I’d rather do the things that I feel are appropriate for this life I’m in…not for the next. I don’t like all the things that went on. I feel that this would be an un-American, un-Christian thing to do to my children. I feel that. I would be so much like my husband for this. I love my wife, very much. We’ve been together nearly 20 years. I like us. I can’t do all of this. Now, I like all the things that we do. I hope that she will like us. I need to find a way to make it work in my mind. I know that she likes me. I love her. It’s a problem.

What’s your relationship with Jesus like?

Well, his love has been with us forever. And his mercy has been with us forever, if you look at him and you see in him the whole of our lives. This has been a gift that God gave to man. We have been given it for a good reason. And a part of it is to make sure that we have this amazing ability to learn and to know what’s going on in the universe, and to share that in a way that you never should have to have in any other way. All the information that God gives us to help us survive, he gives them to us to make us whole in our minds, and our hearts and our lives. It’s like sending a very precious gift, and so when we see it in our friends and loved ones and so forth, I think it’s a bit of a mystery. To see our friends and loved ones, and to actually meet them, I guess, is something that, I guess, most people don’t even think about.

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