How do you spin a girl while dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic 2020

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It’s not like you’ve ever been hit from behind, right?”

“Are, are you even listening to me?”
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My face was covered in sweat from laughing, but her gaze remained calm.

“There’s no way that I ever would. I’m not the kind of person that is like that.”

I turned around, and saw Rin, who still hadn’t moved, wearing an expression like she just realized something I said was hilarious.

She’s like a girl version of a cat who is too lazy to run and is sitting on a chair instead.

“Is that so? It seems you don’t like talking to women.”

“I don’t wanna talk to one anymore. I’m tired of saying it. I wanna say it directly in front of you.”

“That kind of thing happens all the time, don’t you think? When you’re a kid, you have a crush on someone for a long time, and the thought of them suddenly not existing fills you up with emotions of sadness, but it won’t be you anymore after a while. It never ends.”

The feeling that I’m gonna die from laughter soon is almost like a warm and soothing sleep.

She looked like she really wanted to move, but a cool breeze blew through her hair, and the air was filled with wind, which I’m sure to induce an ice cold chill in your blood.

That was because she doesn’t do anything with her hands, and she was really happy when she was making the sound.

I didn’t know why it would feel so good to laugh in such a cold environment, but I did notice that she was grinning despite herself.

“It’s a good thing you are there. Just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean I’m not able to understand what you are saying.”

“…Are you kidding? You’re the one who called me a woman…!”

Saying that, I realized the problem that was occurring in the middle of Rin’s explanation.

It wasn’t like we were supposed to be laughing at the same time, or we were supposed to be talking at the same time in the same place, and everything was fine while the two of us were speaking normally.

If we were acting as a couple, then we probably would start laughing and move a place further apart.

While I didn’t give a hoot, Rin’s eyes were shining, and for a

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