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I’d heard about it, but I’d never done one. All I knew about them was the movies on TV, in the movies I watched, and I didn’t have a clue.

The second I heard about it, my friends and family started to come, and then the crowds got bigger.

Finally, I met the girl. I hadn’t come to see her because I thought people were going to laugh at me and say ‘oh that’s a silly little thing’. What I did not realise was that they were going to tell me that it was the sexiest thing that had ever happened on television.

Her name was Emily.

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We danced, and I loved it. I thought ‘that’s actually a pretty good routine’. So I kept dancing. It was getting good, and I had to get up, so I could get dressed in the morning.

My friends took me to this place in the park, and from there to this other place. I can’t remember now where I was, or what was there.

Suddenly, I was standing in front of a big mirror. I could see myself, my face, and my body – all in one place. It was like my heart, my eyes and my body were now part of me again.

I sat down. My body had changed so that my legs were long, and thin, while my breasts were even bigger. All my hair had been pulled up into a high pony tail. My chest had been sculpted in a sculpted manner, and my belly had been cut in half.

It was like an art piece that had been taken from a painting or a sculpture and put into my body.

The only thing that had changed was my face, and even that was very different. All my eyebrows had been taken out, it was just a very different sort of face to me. It also took some time to realise what had happened, so when I realised it, I was all surprised.

I knew that I was pregnant. I was very, very scared and was wondering if it was happening to me. But I also felt this huge rush of adrenaline, and I knew that this was something I was going to do.

I had to get out of there, because if people could see me wearing a pony suit, I would just feel so dirty. People might not even believe me when I told them that I had been a pole dancer – or maybe they would. I didn’t

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