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Brunette dance – it’s a way to get out of your comfort zone.

And so we are celebrating the barmen – you’re going to see a lot of them dancing on the streets of London tonight.

You’ve been called barmen. Where are they from?

From the South East, and from West India, Africa and Southeast Asia.

What are they doing on the streets in London and in your country?

In this city, the barmen have taken the streets… they are being trained by the police [or] the Home Office in case they become a vulnerable person after a terrorist attack.

Barmen have become a symbol because it is a way to get out of your comfort zone.

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We don’t really know what happens to them when the terrorism happens. They’re very, very vulnerable, so we are trying to use this symbol.

How did you get interested in the barmen?

I first became interested when I saw a barmen walking through a restaurant in London.

It was on a balcony, and I was shocked that there’s a big group of them in an unfamiliar environment.

I wanted to know why they were there, but I wasn’t there… There was a barmen who came out on the street later… and the next day I saw him walking around central London again! It got me to thinking…

The barmen are people too who have fallen on hard times and have a great support network – that’s why they are going out. I like the idea of a new generation that don’t have a lot of options, it is a way to get away from society and not look back to it.

You are still barmen. How did you become barmen?

It’s not a specific thing. They are any kind of people. You can be a dancer, but if you want to be able to get into work then you have to get into work.

You know a dancer? When you meet them, they say they got into doing dance because they were out on the streets.

You can understand that! That is why a lot of barmen end up walking into prisons. They know that it’s not very comfortable to be seen there… So it’s actually very interesting to see how they got into the barmen thing.

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