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Did you really think someone could use something like this every day? Why use it if your only use for it is for “the show”? Don’t feel bad for thinking it; it really isn’t fun. But I think it is just as cool to think about if you use it everyday.

How are pole dancers supposed to do their stretches? I know they are stretching and stretching while doing their pole dance, but I think if they got a good way to stretch, which I have not, it could be a fun way to use it.

I think there are more things the pole dancers could use at the gym, not just for fun; there are more positions to use. I hope the Pole Dancing community can work together on making it a whole lot better for everyone.

The US government continues to spend trillions of dollars on fighting terrorism, from the military’s involvement in Iraq to the FBI’s domestic surveillance operations. The nation is also spending billions of dollars on building nuclear weapons. In 2008, the Pentagon spent just $4.7 billion, and it is spending as much now as the entire defense budget, plus about $20 billion on homeland security, plus another $40 billion or so on “transportation.”

Yet despite all these wars, and all these billions in security spending, Americans aren’t safer today than they were at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. And that’s even with the latest terror attacks happening in the homeland, where police were quick to shoot first and ask questions later. As we watch the media fail to report on terror attacks in the homeland, let’s ask:

What could be the reason for this? Are we to accept the fact that American security doesn’t include national protection from terrorist attacks in the nation’s capitals? Why don’t we question the government’s spending spree? If it’s not for national defense, why is it so much money spent on building nuclear weapons? If it’s not to protect the United States from the threat of terrorism, what is the country’s real defense plan?

It’s time to find out, and we can probably expect our president to start asking this same question. As The Guardian reported in a recent story calling on President Obama to “stop the nuclear weapons race,” Obama has “failed to live up to the promises of his inauguration: that he is an anti-war president who will not put American lives on the line for another war.” Obama’s failed promises led Obama to sign a $300 billion arms

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