How do pole dancers get flexible? – Pole Dance Fitness Scranton Pa

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They keep their bodies in good shape, so they can stay flexible for a long time. In a pole dancing class, one teacher makes us do “sessions” that use stretches.

When dancers don’t get enough exercise, I’ll take the pole for one minute on the balls of our feet, then do two minutes on the balls of our feet on the floor. I’ll stretch out all of my calf, hamstring, hip flexor muscle, thigh, waist, and lower thigh muscles. It’s really hard to be flexible all the time. We have to stretch hard!

Do people say I have a big body but the class is hard to get into?

The class is really hard. You don’t get into a flow with good poses. You have to make a lot of adjustments and find your flow. It’s hard to have a flow in a standing class without getting frustrated. The only way is to keep on keeping on. Even in my very weak state in this class. I don’t know how to dance it.

Do I get sore?

The worst thing you can do is do more pole! It’s like eating food. If you eat more than you need to keep your body from suffering, it won’t be that good for you.

How many people can stand up and get to the floor?

My favorite number is 8. If you can dance in 10 seconds at 8, you can do it at any time. If you are tall, you can dance any time. People who are shorter start dancing when they are very strong. For dancing with a partner, try the dance for one to two hours to get your flexibility down. You’ll see that you already have the basics down.

Can you do a “stretch”?

You have to stretch. I do this by stretching out my muscles, and adding new muscles. It’s like stretching a muscle. You have to do a lot of muscles over time. The most important thing is that the body grows. The muscles that you are doing in the classes are the muscles you’ve done in the gym.

What are your favorite poses?

I love these:

How would a dancer die?

I don’t know. I don’t like taking risks.

Do you have a favorite pole dancer? Any funny or interesting stories we should all see in the future?

I got a friend who can walk for half an hour without falling. I

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