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The difficulty has changed over time and in many countries it has become much more difficult than it was in my childhood. That said, it is far from being the end of the process of moving from childhood to adulthood, nor is it difficult per se. My favourite dance is still my grandmother’s “dance party”. I am constantly reminded of my grandmother’s dance party every time a new friend comes to visit or I take my daughter to the dance bar and ask my sister to introduce us. I really love dancing and have no doubt that my dancing is the best thing to happen to me ever. I am still very young, although I can still look back on my childhood and imagine the things that I did, the places I went; when I was young, I could not even imagine. I have been told time and time again – by people and even by myself – that I am the best dancer of my age, which is not true since I will soon be in my late twenties when I can confidently assert this statement about myself.

The first time I went to pole dancing camp was when I was 15. My mother didn’t go because her stepdad had recently become a police officer, and she wanted to be with my mother. When she told me to leave I had no idea what pole dancing was or if it would even be as exciting or as fun as it is now – I only knew what it was when I was very young. It was an experience that I will never forget. I have a beautiful story about my first pole dancing experience. I was one of the first to arrive and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It made me feel like a new person and so much fun! This was my story but I thought of it before I started blogging and didn’t really realize what happened afterwards. So now I have two stories.

Before pole dancing camp I was constantly afraid of getting hurt in the ring because I had seen people getting hurt in dance. I wanted to be able to show people that not only can it be fun but also safe – and also a beautiful experience. The first time I took my first pole dancing classes I didn’t see my parents there either (and that’s a good thing, as they always worried). The first pole dancing lesson I attended was in a big city and so was the first pole dancing I had gone to – in a private house at one stage. The class was about two hours and I was still not very good at pole dancing compared to my friends after the first lesson.

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