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How can I learn to dance? What’s the best way to get started, or to go beyond your current level? Here is an important new resource for anyone who is trying to improve their dance, or for anyone interested in finding more information about dance performance. Please read through the info provided, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! [Please read the full disclaimer before proceeding to our page on Dancing in a Public Square. We do not own the photo, and it is not to be used for anything other than educational purposes.]

This page is part of the Dancing in a Public Square section of the new National Dance Center.

To find the info you need, or to find out how to find dancers in and around your community, the National Dance Center runs a number of Dance Events for you to enjoy at your home or office, on-site and online!


Events with a focus on dance and the communities that foster them

All events are free to attend, although reservations will help to minimize costs.


-The event features a variety of dances based on a series of dance styles, including

-Fancy dances based on classical history (and classic American popular music)

-New age dances based on modern dance-related events and trends

-Dancers representing diverse cultures and ages

-Sophisticated routines with lots of special effects designed to engage the dancers

-A series of “hands-on” dance class-type presentations and dancing workshops for people ages 1 to 4, and for parents with children under the age of 5.

-Fun-filled music by DJ Moth and a great performance by dance troupe Bands of India!

Pin on Hellovenus Girls Kpop live dance cuttie Sexy korean

-Please note that this location is for an outdoor activity.

-Please bring your own dancing shoes (which we have provided, free of charge).

-Please note that this location is not for viewing.

-Please note that this location is not suitable for large groups.

-Please note that this location is not appropriate for people with disabilities.

-When attending these public events, you are responsible for your own behavior and security and for ensuring the safety and privacy of other guests.

-Please use common sense and respect the surrounding community events.

-Please note that these public events do require an entrance fee

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