Does the pole spin or the dancer? – Pole Dancing Championships

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No. The pole spins and the dancer does not. The dancers are the ones who do the dances.

Does the pole fall or fly?

No. The pole falls and the dancers do not. The dancers are the ones who carry it.

Does the pole sway back and forth?

Yes. As the pole moves away from the dancers, the dancers move as well.

Is the pole stable?

No. The pole does not sway back and forth. The dancers are also not secure in their positions.

Does the pole have legs?


Does the pole have a back or a front?


(CBS/AP) KENT, Ohio – Authorities say a Kentucky man was found in his truck after it spun out of control and landed partially in a swamp. The incident was captured on video and shows four police officers rushing to the wrong guy.

The video was posted to Facebook. The Kenton Police Department said it was investigating the incident.

CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports for the “CBS This Morning” on Sunday that the man has been identified as 41-year-old Eric H. Thompson. He’s a former Kenton firefighter and has three children.

Police said the man tried to turn his truck over after he left a local restaurant on July 27. He crashed into a tree in the swamp. It’s unclear whether he was drunk at the time of the crash.

He was found after a search by firefighters, police and search-and-rescue units using dogs. The man was taken to a hospital.

Kenton firefighters said the truck was damaged. A video showed Thompson standing up from the driver’s seat, his hands full with paperwork when police officers rushed to him.

The officers are wearing blue suits.

A family man?

The police department declined to comment on the incident.

“We’re aware of the video, we’re going to look into it,” said Kenton Police Chief Michael Wood.

Thompson told the Associated Press in an email he was heading home after a business night out.

“My kids were up there enjoying the sunset and this happened,” he said.

Thompson worked at the same restaurant where the incident took place.

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