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It’s a nice change from everyday life. If you have no physical limitations or you need to work through any limitations or if you’re sick, it’s a great way to do a challenge and do something new at the same time. Sometimes there’s a lot of fitness competition that goes on about who can lift the most weight, who can dance to the highest note, dance around the room the most, dance longer, hold their own music longer, who can do the most complicated moves, who can get up that high…

I really wanted to do that challenge and dance around the room the most.

I like the word challenge when I think about it.

What were the highlights of the event?

That we did the 360s of the stage. I’m not going to tell you where we went with that. I am proud of how the show came together.

Did you talk to any other people from the circus? Was there anything you shared with them about your experience?

No, never had anything to share. At the end of an event, things change and the show ends. We just ended the show and it was nice to end something special.

Where can people find more images and videos from the 2012 Pole Dance Experience?


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