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Yes. But it can also make you feel better about yourself. If you’re feeling insecure, there’s no better feeling than going out there, trying something new and seeing how it works for you. And pole dancing can also increase confidence, because you’re doing something you enjoy. You’re not doing it for a paycheck, maybe just to help out your friends. It will always be a different kind of challenge to be challenging and happy with

What will it take to break the stereotype of pole dancers as “fat” or “wasted” on the Internet?

I know there are some misconceptions about pole dancers. If you want to be thin and skinny, then don’t let this stereotype make it harder for you to enjoy the positive health benefits of pole dancing. Pole Dancing has never been a dieting sport, as we say here in Japan.

What do you know about food and the Japanese culture when it comes to pole dancing?

It’s a really, really diverse country. We’ve never spent a day out on the Japanese food market. No one has. If you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant and they had a toner-filled kobe beef, I bet a lot of other kobe beefs would have gone out of business with that one ingredient.

Do you feel it’s necessary for pole dancers to dress up like models?

Absolutely. And that’s something that I’ve found myself wanting to do for quite a while, to have my own fashion style. I’ve gotten rid of the skinny jeans and short skirts, and it’s a fun way to look and be more stylish.

Is this all really so crazy that I’m writing this article?

No. It’s a fun hobby I’ve been getting better and better at each time I take up pole dancing. There are a lot of people who have never heard of pole dancing, but have an incredible passion for it. When you start to realize how fun you have it — you think, “Wow, if I started practicing now I’d be so much better than when I started” — we make a lot of progress as people and as individuals.

Do you think pole dancing has a future in the US?

Absolutely. That’s what the world really needs. A lot of people go into teaching after a while to become certified or even become full-fledged instructors. They’re getting better all the time. When you do things like pole dancing, which involves such a skill

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