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This is not entirely true, as this question has been asked by readers of this blog before:

Does Pole Dancing hurt your vagina?
Bridged Outside Leg Hang - Pole Dance Dictionary

As has become standard practice among pole dancers, “no” has replaced “yes,” as “no” is considered a more offensive term.

It is also true that many people (e.g., those not involved with Pole Dancing) find Pole Dancing difficult to negotiate their vaginal boundaries. While it may feel like it sometimes physically hurts, it is actually a form of pleasure that gives a woman control over her vaginal organs and can be quite empowering.

Most women who learn to dance are highly confident in their vagina (they really, really, really believe that their vagina is theirs for the taking) and have come to appreciate its role within their sexuality and beauty. So any discomfort might feel odd at first.

You may find it reassuring to know that all your pelvic floor muscles get to feel the power of Pole Dancing, regardless of how much you would probably like to say “no.”

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Fernando Alonso had a good weekend with Ferrari with third in Barcelona.

Fernando Alonso has had a really good weekend on the podium at this season’s Grand Prix in Spain as he scored his second consecutive points after his race-winning first-lap stop that set him on the way to a third consecutive podium finish.

He is the best top ten drivers in the world in this category, and one of the top five teams – second for Force India is Lotus – that has yet to lose a race in this category.

On Tuesday, team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said his drivers were “very happy” with what he had seen from the Silver Arrows, who had yet to take a point out of eight Grand Prix – they now have a one-point gap on Red Bull.

But they weren’t quite as happy with their car as a lot of the fans in Barcelona had been, who may have expected things from the team to be much better.

“We were a little bit disappointed that we didn’t finish on the podium, it means that we lost some of that momentum we had to start with,” said Alonso.

“But then we were very competitive. I couldn’t do anything to hurt ourselves, the team didn’t do anything either.

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