Does pole dancing give abs? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic 2016 Judy

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When you do pole dancing you do not gain muscle mass, you gain muscle weight.

The strength training that you are doing also works very hard to maintain muscle mass, and muscle weight is a better indicator of the level of intensity and quality of movement your body is using (as opposed to speed, which is more related to how fast you can change direction without losing balance or falling). When you do muscle weights, you are using the entire muscle for movement, so there is more tension, and this increases the metabolic cost of the movements.

When you do pole dancing, you are using a smaller set of muscles (i.e. you are using less of them) for movement for less energy. When you do muscle weights, there is a much smaller set of muscles used, and there’s more metabolic cost because there isn’t as much tension.

Is pole dancing dangerous for people who have heartburn, or have high blood pressure?

If it’s dangerous for your circulation, then yes.

But it is not necessary for a good dancer, who can safely do any amount of movement at all, or a high performance male.

For pole dancers who have been in regular dance for at least a week, this has not been a problem for them. And, unlike with traditional dance, it is not dangerous for cardiovascular health problems.

For someone who has previously been injured, or is overweight after a long dance career, it’s a good idea to work closely with a health professional to learn about and address other physical health issues that you may have, such as heart or metabolic issues.

Will I burn calories dancing?

Yes indeed.

But, you shouldn’t consider this as you should think about eating healthily. Eating healthily is about balancing the food that you eat with your physical activity, and this includes the calories from dancing as well.

You burn calories eating for exercise. It’s as if you eat an entire meal to satisfy the burning. However, an athlete who is doing all activities as they are designed – eating healthily, and staying in good shape – will not need to burn as many calories dancing as they would eating a healthy meal that is balanced to their activity.

Is it good to drink?

Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.
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Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed.

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