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It is the theory, so why does it work?

Why do guys like me not dance?

No. I do not think that dancing builds muscles. It is a very natural phenomenon. For a long time now there has been a lot of research into just how much that dance enhances the development of muscles. It’s not the same as muscle building. A muscle builder does not train his muscle, but rather the cells that make up his muscle. A dancer develops muscle by stretching those tissue to its absolute limit.

My view is that dancers build muscle through their dancing, not their muscles. I do not think that any exercise will increase the size of any single muscle. Even the squat does not increase the size of a single muscle.

This is just my opinion. So are you afraid of people asking you about it?

Absolutely not! I am not a scientist, and I am not a psychologist, and I do not use any of those terms. I am sure that there will be people who believe in this, but I think it is a silly idea.

Do people think that you have been trained in a gynecology practice?

I have not been trained in any gynecology practice. That is not for the people who believe that this makes sense. No, I do not perform any surgery or any other exercise. I am an artist.

When people ask me about it, I simply answer: No, I never did do any surgery. And when people ask me, “Did you perform a pelvic floor muscle strengthening or pelvic floor dysfunction strengthening exercise?” I simply answer: Yes, I did, and it did not work. I have never had any pelvic floor symptoms and I have never had a pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercise.

What did you do that you are not proud of now?

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The pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercise is to stretch my pelvic floor muscles to the absolute limit, while simultaneously using my own body weight to push against my pelvic floor muscles causing them to relax as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercises you use. If there is a question, I recommend that they use exercises that really work the pelvic floor to improve performance. These do work my pelvic floor muscles.

You used what is called a muscle clasps. Is this really a bad thing?

I think it is a really good thing. It was something that I used to have done until I lost my balance at an office job and broke my

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