Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancing Classes Nyc Queens

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Yes, that’s really important but not the most important thing to us. We only want to help someone if something unexpected happens. For instance when we get an email saying they just lost their car somewhere and they were really worried about losing it. It would not be the same if they were lost in the desert or something. They would have lost all their money by now.

Our company was also started by someone who is from another continent. We would always say that that is a great thing when traveling but the most important thing is the spirit that people bring to the dance. If it is just the body, if it is just a dancing spirit that people are trying to bring with them, then they bring their own attitude. It may not be the best body posture, it may not have a perfect posture. They have got to do something at least a little bit different than they would normally.

For instance if you have lost a car which is not your car, then you will see them looking at you through the car window. If they didn’t lose a car and they only lost them because they lost their wallet or something, then maybe you don’t need to go to the pole. But if it is just the body, then they are going to bring that personality if the people they have to meet at the stage are different. They are going to be going to the pole to do something because it is what people are in life about. I think this is what pole dancing is really about but for you to do it alone is even more amazing.

Do you have a favourite pole?

I like it all. Every pole is a good pole. I enjoy them all.

Is there even one Pole God?

Not yet. I’m not saying that there isn’t one but it is too early to talk about one.

Can I ever travel to Europe?

No. We really want to work in London. If I could go to Europe and work on Europe then it would be easier for us. But we don’t have enough money to spend more than a week in Paris. I think the next big thing for pole dancing is going to be the next generation. There are so many beautiful dancers in that generation and these people may become our pole dancers.

I think pole is a sport for adults. We are not just youngsters.

Why am I not allowed to do pole dancing?

I don’t even want to say this.

You said the first

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