Can you spin on a static pole? – Pole Dance Moves List

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Yeah, I’m a pretty good artist.

I had to make it a little more realistic.

Oh, man, that’s a hard trick.

It took about an hour just to get started.

Okay, how do you manage all that?

Well, a lot of it was working with the camera operator to get all the different angles.

Just so you know, I’m always trying to find a way to simplify my work, because sometimes you’re using the wrong technique because you haven’t figured it out.

So in the first day I started out with me and Tom at a table with our cameras in front of us.

“So my camera is over here, the one in my hand is here.

My camera isn’t right in here, it’s over here and the one in the bag is over here.

And then I just move on to the next one, and move on to the other one, and so on, and just make sure that the camera is right in the center of everybody’s hands.

So they just see the picture of the camera, it tells them what you’re doing, so it’ll be easier to understand.”

Wow, that’s brilliant.

You know, I have a tendency to simplify stuff.

“So what’s your name?” you ask people.


That’s it!


Yeah, a name.

I like the one I came up with because it just says “Corduroy,” like a cowboy.

What do you think about when they say your name?

It gives me a bad feeling.

A bad feeling that I’m going to be caught.

Just a feeling of being watched…

No, I know the feeling of being watched, which has made me a tough guy.

“I had to make it less complicated.

It took more time and a lot of people got involved, but now that I’ve done it myself, that’s the perfect solution.

I just want to tell people that you never want people to catch you like that in front of the camera.”

Did you ever try it on real men?


Well, don’t expect any, then.

You’ve had two kids in a small town, so there’s been a lot of boys

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